Love, the One Thing Necessary?

We have positive psychology to thank for bringing the concept of virtue back into psychological discussions. Representatives of the movement define virtue as “a disposition to act, desire, and feel that involves the exercise of judgment and leads to a recognizable human excellence” (Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology, 2009, p. Continue Reading

Am I addicted?

It is common for people to wonder whether they have an addiction or simply a bad habit. Perhaps it was the success of Alcoholics Anonymous in raising the culture's awareness of the power of addiction that led to a proliferation of new addictions: being a shopaholic, a chocoholic, a workaholic, Continue Reading

Understanding self-control

We all have the experience of making resolutions, only to find ourselves breaking them with little or no awareness. This phenomenon, called automaticity (or automated behaviors), is at the core of addictive disorders -- and every other emotional disorder, for that matter. Automaticity is the result of a battle between Continue Reading

Aristotle, virtues, and psychotherapy

Homer tells the story of Odysseus passing by the deadly Sirens as he sails home to Ithaca. These creatures are renown for the power of their songs to entrap sailors passing close to their shores. Odysseus, eager for new experiences, has his men block their ears and strap him in Continue Reading