Recommended Resources

After speaking engagements, I am often asked for resources for people to use in furthering their knowledge of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Within the field of CBT, there are a wide variety of approaches; the approach I generally take comes from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, known as a “third wave” in Continue Reading

Mindfulness and Exposure: At Odds?

Patients often ask about the relationship of mindfulness and acceptance exercises and exposure therapy. I am an advocate of both, even though they can feel so opposite: acceptance exercises are about not striving in the face of anxiety, while exposure exercises are clearly a form of effortful striving in order Continue Reading

Know Trigonometry

Is it important to you to be free from anxiety? There’s a curious maxim that I once heard, which says that one should “know trigonometry -- the shortest distance between two points isn’t always a straight line.” In the case of being free from anxiety, this somewhat cryptic maxim is Continue Reading

Finding a therapist

I'm often asked how people can find good therapists that treat anxiety. Here's how I go about trying to find possible referrals: 1) My first strategy is to find therapists who practice Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a form of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy that is great for helping anxiety disorders. Go to Continue Reading

How to do “Pan-Exposures”

inIn OCD, contamination can magically spread from object to object, as I reviewed here. This magical propagation of contamination gives OCD tremendous power; but it is also provides half of the key to its undoing. The other half of the solution comes from how people with contamination obsessions typically  live Continue Reading

The Magical Spread of Contamination

One of the most common themes in obsessive-compulsive disorder is the fear of contamination. If it were just a matter of thinking one particular thing is contaminated, then perhaps the OCD sufferer would be able to do without that particular thing and life would move on. This could perhaps be Continue Reading

Only Focus on Compulsions

An interesting study has been recently published by Twohig et al. comparing standard Exposure and Response Prevention to "cognitive restructuring" to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. If it sounds confusing, try reading all the tables and figures. At any rate, the idea behind the study (which is the most interesting part, Continue Reading